Monday, December 5, 2016

Update on America

I want to get this out there before some pundit does. What we are about to see, if not already seeing, is Deals on Wheels Diplomacy. Who was it who wrote The Art of the Deal? Well Mr. PE is already showing us the potential complex conflicts of interests that he and his children sitting on both sides of a high fence or perhaps wall will have and will skirt. Sorry, not the best choice of words for a P grabber!
When one has poor boundaries the rules just don't apply and clearly he has shown himself to have hardly any boundaries at all. At any given moment, especially in the wee hours, he is a twisted tweeter. My mom used to say, "Figures don't lie, but liars can figure!" He has and will continue to do that.Frankly, he lied his way into office making up stuff on the spot. And so far his cabinet seems like the goofy dwarfs,. I guess I can use that term as PC no longer applies, though Ben's space ship is due to land on Earth any day now. Chris, if you haven't noticed, has disappeared relegated to chief toll collector on the GWB. And the Secretary of State will be appointed and anointed with a red rose reality TV motif.
The good news is that all those "horrible" media people will be up DJT's butt every step of the way. The bad news is if he is impeached, which is more than likely, we get Pence who will set us back 75 years as he against just about anything that doesn't fit his limited, conservative, anti-humanistic mindset.
It should be an interesting four years. Just ask India, China, and Europe and a majority of Americans. Those who elected this self-serving buffoon need tighten their seat belt. It is going to be a turbulent and wild ride. I hope I am here to witness the debacle of America. Perhaps I should start making baseball caps that say that.

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