Sunday, November 13, 2016


It has taken me a while to try my best to absorb the Wednesday morning shock and I still haven’t succeeded. No, it wasn’t as you might think, about Mr. D becoming President–elect though that was surely a shocker. He needed to pull an inside straight according to the pundits and pollsters and he pulled an inside Royal Straight Flush in spades. It was a definite inkblot about our less than happy times and super-frustrated to the max citizens. Time will tell, though the mealy mouthed moth starts looking more butterfly-ish by the day. Well, perhaps not all that colorful, but a little less gray.

But what shocked me to my core on Wednesday morning was learning that young Jake, the heroic centerpiece of my cancer-related books, was back at the New York City Headquarters of the place I call Cancerville—Memorial Sloan Kettering—as his leukemia returned after 5+ years of healthy healing.

OMG how could this have happened to an almost 15-year-old boy who was taken to the edge of his life to save his life at age 8 ½? How cruel to take him and his wonderful family back into the muddy and murky waters of this awful place. There are just times when fairness feels like a nonexistent ideal, and tears flow like raindrops in South Florida in August.

So, we need prayers for Jake and his fraternal twin brother and best friend Chase, who courageously provided the bone marrow that saved Jake’s life once before. We need prayers for this battle-tested family, who once again must face off and stare down the slippery slopes of Cancerville. We need prayers for the children, ranging in age from infancy to adolescence and their families, who are on the 9th floor of MSK and all over the Cville world battling for their young lives. And we need prayers for the dedicated doctors who walk the tightrope between these slippery slopes every single day.

Please ask your friends to keep the prayers coming. We know prayers help. They did before and they will again, God willing. Jake needs and deserves an inside Royal Straight Flush in spades too. Far more than Mr. D did.

Bye for Now,


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