Friday, November 4, 2016


wondering if most Donald supporters realized just how dangerous a Trump Presidency would be. The words that have been repeatedly ascribed to him are strong and scary(i.e., racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, sexual assaulter, etc.). And there is enough data coming out of his polluted mouth to validate that those words have merit.

But, that is not the scariest part of The Donald. The scariest part are his temperament, his nature, and his personality. Bluster aside, he is one of the most thin skinned people I have ever observed. His needs to avenge his enemies, defend any criticism, deny every wrong doing, and glorify himself are so far over the top of his enlarged ego that there are no visible boundaries to his actions or those of his cronies. Sociopathy lies amid a bushel of lies so far fetched that they stretch even a simple-minded person's trust.

So for the alienated and disaffected his bravado has appeal as does his "dredge the swamp" mantra. But what if he is the swamp—a swamp far worse than any polished politician's rhetoric? What if this one-man band marches us over the abyss by listening to no one other than his own delusional mindset.

Likely he will suppress the press, cozy up the the villainous leaders of the world, appoint people like Rudy, Chris, Ben and a whole cast of characters who have swallowed the cool-aid because it serves their purpose and who share his delusional space. He will also figure out scheming ways to funnel untold wealth to his companies so he will finally become the billionaire he claims to be.

At the end of the day democracy is a beautiful thing. It allows each of us to form, voice and vote based upon our perceptions and opinions of reality without fear of punishment or retribution. But, for me, reality says I'd rather have an email bungler in the highest office in the land than a total bungler, who, except in his own enchanted eyes, has had a toxic and self-serving influence on just about everything he has touched.

Win, lose, or draw The Donald will not be stopped given his new found power and his latest audience hungry for someone to listen and care about them. He will do neither and I believe she and her first man, despite their warts and pimples, at the very least won't so us any harm, and at best might just do some good. Truth be told, their are many very important and high-ranking Republicans who would say, "I approve this message!"

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