Saturday, October 1, 2016

Some Things Never Change

I have always liked the saying " How we do anything is how we do everything "

In watching a documentary the audience couldn't help but notice that the young Donald was a carbon copy of the older Donald. Absent currently is the wisdom of experience, the humility of success, the corelation of actual with factual, or even the simple knowledge that no one knows everything or is beyond rapproach.

The only difference I could observe was that young Donald did a better job hiding his thin skinnedness publicly. Of all of his scary and destructive qualities the latter is of most concern. His never ending narcissism that makes everything about him means nothing will ever be about us.

The lessons of history repeatedly show that greatness never comes from leaders that possess Donald's traits other than a fleeting greatness for the leader himself built upon grandiosity, delusion, and and a treasure trove of true believers.

I choose not to swallow the kool aid!

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