Monday, October 17, 2016


because most ignore me. I have never been hacked best as I know. I see people studying their smart phones as if it contained the Holy Grail. In large cities like NYC they bump into me because they are looking down rather than straight ahead.

Me, I check my phone from time to time and always respond, but the universe is not beating a path to my contact info. I can walk the streets with my phone in my back pocket without issue.

My question is what don't the important people understand that there are no secrets anymore. As Russia or the 400 pound man on his bed keep hacking Democrats, might they had built firewalls of protection, or found other ways to avoid embarrassment?

My advice is simple. If you have a secret don't put it out on the internet. Don't email, text, tweet, Instagram, etc.  Keep it private or else you will be outed to the world. I guarantee it.

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