Monday, October 31, 2016


when Mr Bob D was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature. I wondered if songs were truly literature in the same way whether Rap is really music. But I concluded they were thinking outside the box, and it was a cool honor for an American icon.

Though I understand Mr. D is quirky and often likely veiled in a THC fog, I was a bit surprised when he did not acknowledge or thank the Swedish Academy for the award, or RSVP his attendance  for the December ceremony. They are now calling him " impolite and arrogant."

Perhaps the times they r a chang'in, or perhaps the recipient doesn't feel he deserves it, or perhaps when he comes down from his cloud he will gracefully and greatfully accept. I hope for the latter.

Bye for Now,


Friday, October 21, 2016


Chicago Cubs fans rooting for them to get into the World Series, many of whom have no affiliation to Chicago. May they win and win.

There are the same number rooting for Mr. T to win the election. May they rest in peace!

Bye for Now,


Monday, October 17, 2016


because most ignore me. I have never been hacked best as I know. I see people studying their smart phones as if it contained the Holy Grail. In large cities like NYC they bump into me because they are looking down rather than straight ahead.

Me, I check my phone from time to time and always respond, but the universe is not beating a path to my contact info. I can walk the streets with my phone in my back pocket without issue.

My question is what don't the important people understand that there are no secrets anymore. As Russia or the 400 pound man on his bed keep hacking Democrats, might they had built firewalls of protection, or found other ways to avoid embarrassment?

My advice is simple. If you have a secret don't put it out on the internet. Don't email, text, tweet, Instagram, etc.  Keep it private or else you will be outed to the world. I guarantee it.

Bye for Now,


Friday, October 14, 2016


about the ludicrous presidential campaign and scratch your head and go WTF? The actuality seems like a very bad dream of distorted reality. But, like it or not, this is it folks!

Welcome to the WTF club of those of us who are incredulous. Time will tell where this is going, but if The Donald is elected I fear I will be going! I always wanted to live in France.

Bye for Now,


Thursday, October 6, 2016


 much ado about nothing much. The journalists and politicians were sounding the alarm for several days.

Cleared my patio this morning after returning yesterday from Alaska. It was quite a job.

We  dodged a bullet and had nothing more than a drizzle so far and I think it has passed our way.

Meanwhile the hysterical journalists caused a tidal wave of prep. No water, food or gas here.

The storm did no damage whatsoever, including no loss of electric here, despite our brilliant Governor's warning that all will lose power and lives will be lost.

The journalists, however, did do us harm. May they go back to haunting the presidential candidates and leave us alone otherwise.

Bye for Now,


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Some Things Never Change

I have always liked the saying " How we do anything is how we do everything "

In watching a documentary the audience couldn't help but notice that the young Donald was a carbon copy of the older Donald. Absent currently is the wisdom of experience, the humility of success, the corelation of actual with factual, or even the simple knowledge that no one knows everything or is beyond rapproach.

The only difference I could observe was that young Donald did a better job hiding his thin skinnedness publicly. Of all of his scary and destructive qualities the latter is of most concern. His never ending narcissism that makes everything about him means nothing will ever be about us.

The lessons of history repeatedly show that greatness never comes from leaders that possess Donald's traits other than a fleeting greatness for the leader himself built upon grandiosity, delusion, and and a treasure trove of true believers.

I choose not to swallow the kool aid!