Friday, September 2, 2016


It is a combo of being sick much of the summer with a strange virus that knocked me for a loop twice for a month+ at a time, and being less than optimistic, and not wanting to use this site as a bitching ground.

However, here is a story with a nice ending. I had a nail in my tire. Called Triple A. Pleasant fellow but useless. Drove to Jupiter as we had someone coming to put together furniture with the nail still in. Foolish, but arrived safely. The guy never showed. So what else is new?

Had someone else coming the next morning to repair some things and they didn't show. Welcome to South Florida!

So I set out to get my tire fixed. First 3 places said 2+ hours. I didn't have that much time as I needed to drive back to the office in Plantation. Why tire places were so busy there on a Thursday morning was a puzzlement.

I accidentally stumbled on a place called All County Automotive in Tequesta, FL at 371 A Cypress Drive (561 747-8320). They welcomed me like family and said give us a few minutes and within ten they pulled the nail and fixed the tire.

And when I went to pay they said, "No charge Sir. Our pleasure to be of help." Kind of felt like I was dreaming.

Now, little acts of friendly kindness can sure help a guy get back on the optimism track.

If you need help call them. In a world of unhelpful people these folks stand out as super

Bye for Now,


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