Wednesday, September 21, 2016


is not in the military and never was. She is not a journalist.Her work has been in dance and fashion.

Nonetheless, she has been near two bomb explosions in her young life, but fortunately has not been hurt. The first was in Atlanta during the Worlds Fair. She was dancing for Coca Cola, and was on the very stage dancing, a few hours before the bomb went off. We were in England visiting friends and they woke us up to tell us of the news that had reached their tele. Palpitations until we reached her and this was before cell phones, email, texts, etc.

Last week, there was another explosion on 23rd and 6th in NYC. She lives half a block away, heard the explosion, and felt her building shake. Her husband was heading in that direction just before the blast, but due to the good fortune of missing a light he took 22nd street instead of 23rd.

Not sure we should hang out with her anymore. JKJKJK.

May the only blasts she experiences in the future be good times.

Bye for Now,


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