Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Black lives matter as do all lives as does RESPECT. Often the two go hand in hand.

I am disgusted by the football players taking a knee during the national anthem—most especially on 9/11. Considering the privileged positions their limited skill sets have gotten them, I would think they could find other ways and outlets to express their frustrations. And I would think there could be more affirmative actions taken, instead of the drivel coming out of the front offices of the teams.

Here is what I would say in the locker room pregame if I were a coach:

"Guys we are here to play football and to win. I respect your politics and philosophies, but please don't express them in uniform on the field. On this team we are all equals, all one, no matter our color or religions. That is what a team is all about.

So text, twitter, blog, be interviewed, or write the President a letter, who by the way in case you haven't f'in noticed, is a black dude.

But here today the only knee you will take is when we are ahead in the last minute of the game. If you take one before during the anthem it is your First Amendment right to do so. But it is my First Amendment right to bench your ass for the game (DOUBLE BENCH ON 9/11) and dock your pay. Respect our great nation despite its flaws or go find another job. Those who want to play today stand strong and tall, and don't embarrass yourselves, this team, or me!! Play ball. That is the only reason we are here."

Think about it.

Bye for Now,


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