Monday, September 12, 2016


For those of us old enough to have lived through that nightmare there is no forgetting. Those horrible and incredible images are indelibly tattooed onto our brains.

Time has helped heal our wounds, but we are on vigilant alert ever since. Or are we?

Driving up Madison Avenue yesterday morning it was a typically quiet Sunday Manhattan morning. I observed no police on foot or in cars. Nor did I see any on the Queensboro Bridge at 59th Street.

I had reassured my wife that it would be fine to fly on 9/11 from NYC to Palm Beach because of all the added security. I sincerely believed there would be extra police on duty with armed soldiers at the airport. None were visible either inside or outside at LaGuardia, unless the woman changing garbage bags in the cans outside was really undercover.

To add to my false belief while I was paying the driver the baggage handler gave my wife both our boarding passes, and when I went to show him my ID he said he didn't need to see it. Heightened security dropped shockingly to no security!

The only good news beyond our getting home safely was that the bars, which normally open at noon on Sunday in NYC (our flight left at noon) based upon a new law enacted this week opened at 10 am. A couple of Bloody Mary's later any pre-flight jitters had flown away ahead of us boarding.

This leaves open the question as to whether we have become too casual regarding terrorists, or whether we have accepted as a nation and as people that periodic incidents are unavoidable and beyond our control. That it was as full flight certainly suggests the latter, which all things considered is a healthy step toward accepting the complex world in which we live.

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