Wednesday, June 29, 2016


So Brexit now seems like old news after the hysterical old lady who influences the markets took some tranquilizers and fell asleep. Which in turn allowed the markets to ignore the travesty and tragedy of Istanbul, one of our favorite cities. Just another "symptom" of our concerning and worrisome times and a random act of hurting, maiming, and killing innocent people, crazed by a very distorted hate mongering ideology! 
All of these attacks are beyond civilized comprehension.How I wonder can barbarism exist in 2016?
These serial nightmares build one upon another and are effective in raising our personal color codes of urgency, as I would not go to Europe now in an all expense paid trip!
It's not so much about the possibility of terrorism as it would be about the discomfort factor. Since 1965 my wife and I have happily wandered along the wonderful streets of Europe from time to time. Museums are mostly boring but the streets illuminate a culture better than any monument or touristic venue.
Let's face reailty. I can be blown up tomorrow on the streets of NYC, at Grand Central Station, or at the airport on my way back to Fl.
Notice I'm not revealing when I return or which airport I return from!
But my problem is for now and the force able future I could not casually wander those streets without a tinge ( or perhaps more than a tinge) of apprehension or a looking over my shoulder experience. The joy of the wanderment and wonderment of  travel would be replaced by the serious unknown and the concern of invisible enimies lurking like roaches in the baseboards of our world.
I know there are those who say " We can't let them intimidate us." But truth be known they have! You do the math on how many innocent people they have taken down in 2016 alone.
Years ago I said " Its not paranoid to be paranoid anymore." Now I say " Paranoia is essential !!
And, sad to say, our present leaders offer empty promises and platitudes and seem themselves confused and unable to figure out how to take down this illusive enemy proactively. We can't even get simple gun laws passed by a congress mostly bought by the NRA. And our presumptive future leaders are no better--maybe even worse. Frankly no maybe about it!
I started this blog optimistically years ago  feeling I could offer hope during difficult times. Days like today and days like Orlando, San Bernadino, Brussels, Paris, and so many other places all I can do is silently weep with the rest of what remains of our civilized society and wonder what lies ahead for our children and grandchildren and the beautiful world in which we live?

Bye for Now,

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