Tuesday, June 28, 2016


My blog the other day about Brexit was in my opinion pretty on target. But I failed to do a complete analysis.
In and of itself Brexit is overblown. It will take years for the divorce to occur and as a strong nation they will figure it out and be fine.
But what I failed to take into account was that it was a symptom of a much larger  issue.
Brexit is the Trump presumption to be the Republican nominee, is the complex problems globally of immigration, is the confusing forces of Russia and China, is the complexities of a global economy and global warming, is why we shutter at each terroristic attack , is why Rome voted for a female mayor who knows nothing about politics, is why London's mayor is a Muslim who Donald will ban from entering the country, is why a wall is so appealing to many, is why the Middle East remains a tinder box of disaster along with African nations like Somolia, Nigeria, etc.
When there so many overlapping variables going on simultaneously with so many unknowns in the equations markets panic, sputter and fall.
It's not about Brexit. It's about the state of the world and the storms that shake the very roots of civilization and our impotence against multiple bureaucrats to act effectively!
Time will tell what lies ahead.

Bye for now

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