Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ON AUGUST 20th 2015

I wrote about the migrant crisis and how the world needed to step in and manage this much better than it was doing. Seven months later I have seen countless tragedies among millions of mass migraters, a totally flummoxed Europe, and no clear plan or leadership.

I have read about the deal with Turkey, which is beyond my understanding. Best as I can tell they get perks for accepting migrants back and shipping them back on sort of a one for one something or other.

Merkel has lost much stroke re her open Europe doors policy, while the individuals and families caught in this quagmire are living under devastating conditions. Several countries just shut their borders when they were overwhelmed with the numbers of people who needed food, clothing, shelter, jobs, language classes, and lessons in not to grope women.

And, I don't think we come close to seeing the whole rotten picture but for an occasional headline or ugly picture. Where, I wonder, is the UN in all of this? Who is leading the European Union and what plans lie ahead to rescue millions of people from harms way?

As we listen to the presidential politicians pontificate, where is America in all of this? Though we rail about human rights in many places, why have these innocent victims of war and terrorism been left without any rights at all? Turning a blind eye to all of this, will come back to bite our country and our world in many ways. Mark my words, for they are true.

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