Tuesday, February 2, 2016


that the potential for the presidential race could be interesting, I find myself quite bored. It feels as if this "circus" has been going on forever, with more debates than I ever remember pre-nominations.

So much is so redundant as each player repeats him or herself ad nauseum. Even the media seem to repeat itself endlessly—and we are only in the first inning.

I am hopeful that very soon those with painfully low percentages, poll after poll, will face reality and bow out gracefully.

I do admire the energy of all, day after day, morning till night, seven days a week chasing a dream, which most of the time quickly becomes a gray-haired nightmare.

I think the underlying dynamic of all who seek higher office, particularly those who don't stand a chance are rain showers of delusion with intermittent icy winds of hallucination. That said, we should always be cautious for what we wish.

Bye for Now,


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