Sunday, February 14, 2016

10 little, 9 little, 8 litttle Republican Indians

I DON'T DO LOL EASILY but it was very easy to LOL at last nite's Republican Debate turned school yard brawl. It was funny to see grown men, presumably mature, try their hardest to outdo each others' bravado, while in one way or another all failed.

Here is how I saw it:

The Donald, once again, the school yard bully ready to go after anyone and everyone without discrimination—out of control so that even the moderators couldn't rein him in. He is the kid who gets thrown out of school within the first month. And when choosing sides in a game he is picked first, even though he sucks at the game, because everyone is afraid of his wrath and vengeful nature.

Teddy C, comes across as the rich kid who just graduated from Harvard who thinks he is better than everyone else and is entitled because of his aristocratic demeanor, despite being a pretty sleazy player who would never make the team.

Marco Polo, is the kid at recess who sat out the fun and games while memorizing the Periodic Table. A part of everyone admires the guy, but a part of everyone thinks he is an arrogant prick who says whatever he thinks everyone wants to hear. No one picks him for the team cause he doesn't really know how to play given his inexperience.

Bushy Boy, is the name my Mom gave to his brother George, whose presence this week will likely further lower his numbers. He is the winy wimpy one in the school yard constantly crying foul, unfair, time out, etc. For this reason alone he can't be team captain, especially given his "low energy" level and his tendency to come late to the party.

Governor K, seems like a decent man and reminds me of me. He keeps saying, "Why can't we all just get along," but like me few listen to us. He will get picked last for the team, but at least he will be on it.

Doc C, should not even be in this playground. Presumably, he was an excellent neurosurgeon and they are typically among the most brilliant in med school, but whomever encouraged him and Ms. F to run for President could perhaps use some neurosurgery themselves. He needs to face reality, get out of denial, and go back to whatever he was doing before deciding to run for anything, just like Ms. F did.

Double C Chris, had no choice but to fold up his tent, but I liked his tenacity and vision. And he is undeniably correct. The next President of this United States needs experience managing complex challenges in the political arena, while standing strong against the leaders of North Korea, Russia. and Iran to name just a few. This unfortunately disqualifies all of the above along with the two Donkeys or should I say asses.

The saddest thing to realize of 15 or more candidates is that no one has the creds to earn the job.

Bye for Now,



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  2. Haha I can give a little lol to that. Trump, Cruz, Rubio, all of them really are a symbol of our nation's roiled electorate. If this electorate were a living thing it would be a great bucking frothing beast arching it’s back and howling at the sky, painfully trying to lunge forward while being pulled in all directions. I would like Kasich too, if I voted republican. He backed the expansion of Medicaid in his state in line with the affordable care act and championed a few other relatively progressive causes. However I tend to vote almost entirely on environmental issues so my vote goes to Sanders and then….. if I must… Clinton.