Wednesday, January 20, 2016


So the powerful power ball pizzazz finally ended with 3 lucky winning tickets that pale against the millions upon millions of tickets sold since that round started that were for naught.

Intriguingly, the Tennessee couple who won plan to continue working—he as a warehouse manager and she in a doctor's office. They will stay in their simple house, continue living in their small town, and maintain their simple life.

Their daughter will get her student loans paid and get a horse, but certainly not a triple crown winner.

It is interesting to me, that with so many fantasies of yachts, planes, mansions, and world travel floating around as the jackpot built, these seemingly good people want none of that. Perhaps it is for that reason that they won?

It will be interesting to see if they stick to their plans, as the reality of their enormous wealth sinks in. I for one hope they do and I bet they do too.

The more complex our world becomes, the more simple we need to live.

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