Saturday, January 9, 2016


So there I was on line in Publix again today and the banter continued. A woman said, "I have the winning #s," and the man behind her said, "That's good, at least I will have come close." Then they made plans to meet Sunday morning at Publix until he told her she had to go to Tallahassee to collect. I can't help but wonder how many relationships Power Ball has spawned. Some shrewd marketer should hold a Power Ball Ball to unite the single suckers who stood on line. They have more in common than on e-harmony.

The chatter didn't stop on the lotto line. At the Deli counter several were engaged in a philosophical debate about sound strategies of picking #s. Seemed like they were full of bologna while waiting to purchase some more. However, whenever strangers chat in South Florida it is a wonder to behold, as the odds of that happening are higher than winning Power Ball.

It seems just about everyone believes they will win. In psychology “folie a deux” refers to a situation where two people share the same delusion. Roommates, siblings, business partners, etc. are vulnerable. The next DSM may need to include a diagnosis called “universal folie,” which just about summarizes all of us schmucks standing on line throwing our money away.

I likely have the winning ticket so you may not hear from me for a while, as I will be consulting tax attorneys, investment bankers, and the like. Stay tuned and "play on America." Actually, that statement seems to also summarize our presidential election..

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