Friday, January 8, 2016


Despite the media harping on the ridiculously long odds, the lines are larger than ever for Power Ball. My punditry was off in predicting multiple winners on Wednesday, but hey one of these days.

Delusionally, everyone with a ticket in their pocket is convinced they will win despite that the odds are so way against that happening. Many are even spending their winnings—at least in their minds. I certainly hope the buck stops there.

How would you spend your winnings? Mine would be simple: Donate to cancer research,Sponsor and run a free mental health clinic with NO bureaucrarzy in Broward County, and perhaps buy a winery in Sonoma.

Oh, and I would help my kids without spoiling them or taking away their motivation to be productive and keep contributing to our universe, as it needs all the help it could get.

Bye for Now,


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