Wednesday, January 6, 2016


With Power Ball at half a billion dollars the line for tickets are very long. Even I who never play stood on one today.

The line was so long it looked like they were giving away money instead of taking our hard-earned bucks. While waiting, there was an interesting banter between a Publix cashier and a man on line:

 She screamed out, "Why are you all waiting on line I already have the winning ticket—Go home!" He said, "Are you single?" She said, "Yes." He said, "Is there a notary around?"

He then said, "Isn't it silly that we all line up for $500 million. Wouldn't a hundred million be enough?" Therein lies the essence of the confusing psychology of money. By my own admission I don't do lottery because of the odds, but when Power Ball hit $300 million I started to buy a few tickets. Yet the odds are no different based on the size of the jackpot. They are still, if you will pardon the expression lotto-like.

So wouldn't it be a kick if the Publix cashier actually won, and for the guy on the line a kick in the butt that there was no notary in the vicinity. I can tell you this though. If she really wins she won't be single or working at Publix for long.

I do predict that there will be  multiple winning tickets tonight. It would be a shame for one person to win all that dough, unless of course that person was me! And there is nothing confusing about that.

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