Friday, January 29, 2016


did not miss the donald at the debate at all. In fact, I think he should continue to do fund raisers for veterans and other worthy causes. Who knows, he could be the next Jerry Lewis for MD on Labor Day.

If he can't face off with Kelly, how can he possibly deal with the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, and the Castro brothers? And Ted lost some strokes when he threatened to leave, but Mario didn't gain any when he promised to stay the course. Hopefully, Iowa will begin a clean-up process and force those who don't stand a chance to quietly disappear.

donald is a performer and self-promoter par excellence but he is lite weight as a presidential contender. That said, this country might just be dumb enough to elect him and his "adviser" Sarah—the one with the view of Russia from her back yard—who as best I recall read so many newspapers and magazines every day that she could not name one!.

There is a TV program coming called "The Circus." It is well-named and well-timed.

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