Thursday, October 1, 2015


I planned to pay tribute to my Bronx boyhood hero—Yogi.

But yet another senseless tragedy blocked my way. How could i mourn a 90 year old man who had a full life, when 10 younger people were gunned down in a community college in Oregon?

Just last week i told a friend and colleague that these nightmares seem to happen in small towns—hardly ever in the big "crime" cities.

Prayers to the families of those who lost loved ones again. Prayers we find a better way to vet the insane who take innocent lives for no reason other than that they can.

Jail for those online who failed to alert the police and egged the killer on.

Prayers for Yogi, one of the good guys, whose unique and signature comments will confuse the other angels, but they will love him just the same.

Bye for Now,


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