Sunday, October 18, 2015


I have known the importance of having a strong coach as an inspiring leader. Today, we have seen that impact clearly with the new coach of the Miami Dolphins igniting a firestorm within a heretofore lackluster team. For the last two weeks since the London fiasco, we have seen clips of this coach talking a whole new game plan, running a whole new practice, and pushing his players to live up to their potentials. In many ways today they have gone further than in their previous 4 games combined, as he convinced them they could be greater than they ever believed.

The same is true of life coaches. Early in my career I was hamstrung by the passive principles of psychoanalysis in which I had been trained. The silent analyst was golden in Freud's view and that was probably appropriate in 19th century Europe. It certainly didn't fit 21st century America.

Having been through psychoanalysis as a patient for my anxiety-based emotional down, I knew just how slow, ineffectual, and one-sided it was. Little by little, as my understanding of minds strengthened I became more and more active, directive, and engaged with the people I was helping. Though my team was one person at a time, we consistently scored "mindly matters" points, hour after hour.

In the past few years I became so convinced of the importance of a strong coach that sometimes I talk even more than the person sitting across from me. And, while always respectful, I don't mince words when they are needed. People appreciate that these days when political correctness and just plain BS dominate. I'm quite sure our new Miami coach doesn't mince words either.

I am convinced there is no better coach than a former successful player. My strong and debilitating emotional down leveled me on the emotional playing field. I kept getting sacked over and over. But I played this awful game as strongly as I could under the circumstances. It took me a while to get back up, but once I did I have been able to coach so many to get back up too, as well as learn to avoid the sand traps and quick sand of their lives.

My hat is off to all the great coaches out there whom I know, who guide their children, life partners, employees, friends, and teams toward victories.

We are way ahead in the forth quarter, but as we know from my childhood idol, Yogi, "It ain't over till it's over."   That is particularly and painfully true for the Miami team. Whatever the outcome, the question is who are you guys and what have you done to the sad sacks I have come to know and tolerate? You are the same people as before, just being coached to a much, much higher level. I aim to do the same every day in my office.

GO, GO, GO TEAMS/PEOPLE both on and off the field.

Bye for Now,

Coach Bill

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  1. very well said. I heartily recommend Dr William Penzer as a strong yet compassionate coach to get you through the rough times in life and motivate, encourage, and inspire you to
    "GET BACK UP FROM AN EMOTIONAL DOWN". To BIll Penzer the award winning coach. You are deeply appreciated.