Sunday, October 25, 2015


was well received generally, but there were some contrarians who said, "They still suck!," "Coincidence!," "Newcomer's luck!," and the like.

Well hopefully today's game validated my comments about the importance of inspiring leadership and the difference it can make on and off the field.

Thursday night will tell the tail when they upset Tom Brady and the undefeated Patriots. OK, so I may be delusional, BUT I dare say the Pats will be closely watching the tapes this week as will the Fins.

Go Go Go. Each game they win and play so well reinforces the players that like "The Little Engine that Could" they can too.

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Friday, October 23, 2015


"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.


Good one !

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Sunday, October 18, 2015


I have known the importance of having a strong coach as an inspiring leader. Today, we have seen that impact clearly with the new coach of the Miami Dolphins igniting a firestorm within a heretofore lackluster team. For the last two weeks since the London fiasco, we have seen clips of this coach talking a whole new game plan, running a whole new practice, and pushing his players to live up to their potentials. In many ways today they have gone further than in their previous 4 games combined, as he convinced them they could be greater than they ever believed.

The same is true of life coaches. Early in my career I was hamstrung by the passive principles of psychoanalysis in which I had been trained. The silent analyst was golden in Freud's view and that was probably appropriate in 19th century Europe. It certainly didn't fit 21st century America.

Having been through psychoanalysis as a patient for my anxiety-based emotional down, I knew just how slow, ineffectual, and one-sided it was. Little by little, as my understanding of minds strengthened I became more and more active, directive, and engaged with the people I was helping. Though my team was one person at a time, we consistently scored "mindly matters" points, hour after hour.

In the past few years I became so convinced of the importance of a strong coach that sometimes I talk even more than the person sitting across from me. And, while always respectful, I don't mince words when they are needed. People appreciate that these days when political correctness and just plain BS dominate. I'm quite sure our new Miami coach doesn't mince words either.

I am convinced there is no better coach than a former successful player. My strong and debilitating emotional down leveled me on the emotional playing field. I kept getting sacked over and over. But I played this awful game as strongly as I could under the circumstances. It took me a while to get back up, but once I did I have been able to coach so many to get back up too, as well as learn to avoid the sand traps and quick sand of their lives.

My hat is off to all the great coaches out there whom I know, who guide their children, life partners, employees, friends, and teams toward victories.

We are way ahead in the forth quarter, but as we know from my childhood idol, Yogi, "It ain't over till it's over."   That is particularly and painfully true for the Miami team. Whatever the outcome, the question is who are you guys and what have you done to the sad sacks I have come to know and tolerate? You are the same people as before, just being coached to a much, much higher level. I aim to do the same every day in my office.

GO, GO, GO TEAMS/PEOPLE both on and off the field.

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Coach Bill

Friday, October 16, 2015


"The worst bullies you will ever encounter in your life are your own thoughts."

—Bryant McGill

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Monday, October 12, 2015




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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


15+ years ago I began writing a book titled, "The World Doesn't Work Anymore: A Manual for Survival." By chapter 3 it became too depressing to continue and i really had no solutions to offer.
Little did I know how much worse it would get!

On my "to do" list today were 3 simple phone calls—find out why my FPL bills don't arrive until final notice time at the office, find out why my service contract on home appliances didn't refund me the $135.78 they told me they would in August, and get U-verse service restored in Jupiter.

All 3 calls involved much wait time and all 3 failed to accomplish anything after an hour+. FPL said i was on some third party email service and had to call them to get it terminated, but when I called the # the rather rude lady interrupted me and said "I can't help you..." I called back FPL and was told a rep would call within 3 biz days. Odds are 50-50 they will.

The appliance company said wait time would be 1-3 minutes. I hung up after 15. I had previously sent them an email per their suggestion to which I never received a response. I will revert to snail mail then carrier pigeon.

U-verse transferred my call and after holding for what seemed forever their VM said, "We are sorry we can't answer your call now please call back later." "But," I said, to no one in particular, "this is for your revenue!" It was to no avail as the VM hung up on me.

Then I started thinking— multiply this by the universe and realize how much time is wasted every day trying to accomplish simple things and getting no where in the process.

Kudos to AMX and other credit card companies who have found a way to consistently integrate technology with a human voice and helpful support.

Shame on the others. For all the "Your call will monitored for quality assurance," every CEO should call in at least once a day to see how her/his company is doing in the customer service department. Sad to say, most are failing serially contributing to the world not working very well anymore.

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Friday, October 2, 2015


If you could see me now you would observe tense fingers pounding the keyboard in outraged indignation, clenched teeth, a tight jaw, and a heavy heart.You might just see a few tears shed that temporarily fog my vision and make my screen invisible.

I woke up this morning thinking about all the TLC that goes into raising a child—all the stages, through the ages, and the worries about spiking fevers, croupy coughs, scary moments, and the like. I thought about all of the first day of school times filled with excitement and wonder—particularly the wonder of how my wonderful child will do? And whether the teacher or teachers will be good?

The love of a parent is unlike any other and lasts a lifetime and beyond. At least, most of the time.

And then I thought about the phone call or TV news bulletin that comes screeching at some parents screaming "There's been a shooting at______________." And I got in touch with their panicked hearts  racing madly into their throats, pounding powerfully out of their bodies, while they raced madly to the school, fair grounds or wherever. Struggling as they could  to stay optimistic, but realizing that no one yet knows for sure.

Then I imagined the terrified parents waiting breathlessly to see who gets off the bus or who comes out of the school, or from hiding, or wherever and the shooting pains of anguish for those parents whose children didn't make it through, and whose very worst fears have been realized because of another senseless killing spree by a mad man—a very mad man—who takes innocent lives as their revenge for their less than innocent life. An unfair eye from a blind eye.

Gone in a flash are all the dreams and the hopes for the son or daughter of very real parents who will be haunted for life by their loss. It is, by all measures, unfathomable and yet we had had 15 such nightmares in the past many years.

And these occur in small towns, and in hallowed halls of worship, movie theaters, schools and other sacred places that by all reason need to be safe.

Isn't it time we paid attention to the terrorists that lurk within our borders as we do to those who lurk outside of them? Isn't it time we did something—many somethings—so that more parents don't suffer such losses, especially since next time the grieving parent could be US! YOU! Isn't it TIME???

Trust me, it is TIME! Overtime.

Bye for Now,


Thursday, October 1, 2015


I planned to pay tribute to my Bronx boyhood hero—Yogi.

But yet another senseless tragedy blocked my way. How could i mourn a 90 year old man who had a full life, when 10 younger people were gunned down in a community college in Oregon?

Just last week i told a friend and colleague that these nightmares seem to happen in small towns—hardly ever in the big "crime" cities.

Prayers to the families of those who lost loved ones again. Prayers we find a better way to vet the insane who take innocent lives for no reason other than that they can.

Jail for those online who failed to alert the police and egged the killer on.

Prayers for Yogi, one of the good guys, whose unique and signature comments will confuse the other angels, but they will love him just the same.

Bye for Now,