Wednesday, September 2, 2015


In NYC and left the green bag filled with all of our granddaughters prized possessions in a cab. No money value but much emotional currency

My hope was the cab driver would bring the bag back as he dropped us off at our hotel. But hey, this is the big apple!

Yet he seemed to be a mensch and also seemed taken with our granddaughter 

So my wife was busy filling out a lost report for taxis which turned out to b a bogus site that charged $50, I was busy wondering why my mind allowed that to happen.

Sure enough the phone rang and the front desk indicated a cab driver with a green bag was downstairs A reward later my wife returned with the bag in question  
Good thing as my granddaughter had previously said " I loved my green bag and all my friends!" Can an almost 3 year old already be  a guiltifying "Jewish Mother?

The moral of the story is there are good people in the world--even in the big apple--even among cab drivers!

Bye for now


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