Thursday, August 20, 2015


 what it would b like to leave your home and most of your possessions behind to flee for your life. Imagine what it would b like to leave family and friends behind to flee for your life. Imagine what it would b like to cross dangerous passageways or waterways on foot or in flimsy crafts to flee for your life.

Imagine arriving at your destination in Greece, Germany, France, or other European countries. Tired, hungry, penniless, and just wanting to find a safe haven, a warm bed, a job, and a better life.

And not finding any of that as the less than welcoming countries have not yet set up their Welcome Wagon. And the UN is no where to be found—as usual. And other humanitarian aid is lagging far behind.

What do you do? Where do you go? How do you get there? Forget The Donald's Mexican wall, which he will get Mexico to pay for rest assured. He is irrelevant and irreverent. His wall will topple down soon all over his ill-coiffed head.

There is an epidemic flowing throughout Europe as those from war torn countries are seeking asylum, some drowning in their efforts, others living under animal-like conditions, all struggling and suffering large.

It is a tragedy of grand proportion, and like Hitler's Germany we appear to be turning a blind eye, despite being in our all empowering information age.

It is so very sad and someone, many someones, need to step up and address it now, before we have another Holocaust of a different kind to memorialize.

God bless the refugees all over the world. Thank God we are not among them—yet!

Bye for Now,


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