Thursday, August 27, 2015


It is so hard not to be sucked into the vortex of politics. I will try to conclude on a lighter note.

The Donald is pulling a different kind of wool over our eyes than most candidates.Theirs are filled with PC (political correctness). His is filled with PK (aka puke). He is being the arrogant, egotistical, in your face candidate that appeals to all of the angry people in our world and their are many of them. Just watch the news.

He is the tough guy reality show abuser mostly talking nonsense or hurtfulness. Not to mention his narcissism has built many brands, not all of which were exactly successful. So for now he is the side show in the political circus—a big mouth but a very small man—with very few realistic ideas. Actually none at all.

The old joke was "How do you make money in a casino?" And the answer was "Own it!" He couldn't even make that work.

 But the scary thing is when his star fades from view who will fill the void? No one so far! And that my friends is very sad at such an important juncture in our history and our world.

Undeniably, America needs to start winning again, but we will not be lead by a bully pulpit or any of the people in the race.

Here are some laughs:

According to a new poll, Jeb Bush saw a 6% drop in support after the first debate, but experts say he still has a shot because he is "likable" and "qualified." Then Donald Trump said, "Weird, the opposite is working for me."

Trump recently said he won't eat Oreos anymore because the company moved to Mexico. Then Chris Christie said, "Does that mean I can start dipping them in salsa?"

—Jimmy Fallon

Kinda sums things up.

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