Saturday, July 25, 2015


because I am just sitting quietly, observing our world, and trying to make sense of it. I cannot!

We seem to be experiencing a mass senseless shooting on a weekly basis, and it is starting to seem like a viral epidemic. The first question that needs to be asked before selling someone a gun is "Do you have a life?" If the answer is "NO" then you might want to shoot that person, or at the very least not give him a gun other than a water pistol.

Ironically, I started this blog back in the day when markets were crashing to cheer people up and inspire hope. Now the markets are back, but people are crashing and taking innocent lives for the sport of it, leaving a residue of hopelessness spreading virulently.

Will the people who run this country get out of the pockets of the NRA and have the sense and balls to make it harder for people to get guns—especially those who can't be trusted with them. Other countries have been able to do this well so why can't we?

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