Sunday, July 5, 2015


The fireworks stayed in the sky as all of the alerts contained any would be disruptors. Best as I know there was no violence around the country that marred our 4th of July celebration, other the the one's we create on our own.

And the women's soccer team began explosively to tear up the turf Sunday eve and win gold at the FIFA international tournament by a strong score of 5-2 against Japan. If soccer was as exciting as this game was, I might just become a fan.

It was our first win in 16 years, having lost to the same team in 2011.

Now let's see FIFA win by cleaning up its less than honorable act.

Let's also hope that Greece finds its way out of their financial dilemmas without crashing delicate economies around the globe, including their own.

Overall, however, it was a most winning weekend.

Bye for Now,


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