Sunday, June 28, 2015


of innocent people being buried prematurely—9 in South Carolina, 37  on a beach in Tunisia, untold #'s in other parts of the world, one particular set stood out in my mind—the 8 cruise passengers and pilot in Alaska, killed when their small sea plane hit a mountain.

Several years ago my wife and I were on a plane just like that flying over that Mountain and Misty Fjords, landing on a clear blue lake, and enjoying a glass of champagne standing on the wing. It was one of those memorable, unforgettable moments, made even more so by returning into the plane to listen to Sachmo singing "What a Wonderful World."

So sad those people never got their champagne or to listen to that song. Whoever thinks when going to a beach resort or on a cruise that will be the end of their lives?

It is undoubtedly a wonderful and beautiful world, but an evermore scary one these days.

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