Wednesday, June 10, 2015


So we got back to the camp, an upscale hotel in the middle of no where. I suddenly realized there was no infrastructure, no support, no help, no escape. "What if's" began to invade my mind like a thunder storm invades a pleasant beach day picnic.

The major question was, "WTF r we doing here?" But it was too late. we were already there.

I had a panic attack, the first in many many years. Then I began to go to work on ME! Two beers and two hours later i was almost fine. The lunch happened and it was downhill (or is it uphill) from there.

My logic was we r here, we will b ok, we r safer than on University Drive, and there is always Medivac.

From that point on and many prides of lions and other animals later, I felt safe and fine. Each lodge was better than the next and the people were so friendly. All they wanted was for us to be happy and enjoy.

And we celebrated birthdays and other special occasions over and over.

We saw sights we would never ever see again both from the ground and from a hot air balloon and from the small airplanes that took us all over. We had great guides some of whom even had guns. We slept in star beds that were raised out of animal range in the middle of the jungle while we listened to the animals all nite long.

It was, by all measure, a trip of a life time, and we had a most amazing time, punctuated by our daughter's wedding in a Maasai village.

One panic attack conquored, one amazing National Geographic experience enjoyed to the max.

Prayers for the woman who opened the window—a very sad tale.

Bye for now,


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