Thursday, June 4, 2015


brought back a memory of mine. Recently, an American woman was killed by a lion in a private wildlife park in South Africa. All she had done was open a car window to take a picture and some video and the scene turned ghastly. A fellow passenger was seriously injured as well.

Back in 2009 we bought a trip to South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania at a breast cancer fund raiser after our daughter became a bc survivor. It was our attempt to contribute to bc research, as well as put some distance between us and the place I came to call Cancerville. A brilliant video of our trip can be seen at under "A Modern Day Fairytale." The video includes our daughter getting married in a Maasai Village.

However, upon our arrival in Kenya we were picked up at the landing strip by Pocket, a native guide, after he shewed away the animals blocking our 4 passenger prop plane from landing. It all was surreal.

He suggested we go on a safari before lunch and we all were excited as this was our first experience in the wild. We were soon in the jungle in an open jeep—no windows to close or open. He immediately said he saw lion tracks and followed them peering through his over sized binoculars. To me it felt like a bit of a Hollywood version— that is until we came upon a pride of five lions just a few feet from our jeep.

Though we were in awe, the practical aka worry wart side of me asked, "Pocket, how do we know they won't attack us for breakfast?" His response was not reassuring! " Well" he said, "they don't usually do that." The word "usually" stuck in my mind.

My wife said, "I'm sure Pocket has a gun, " to which he replied, "No Mam I do not." To ease the tension i quipped, "Well he could always beat them off with his binoculars." Eventually we drove off to see other amazing and wondrous sights of the animals in the wild. Virgins no more, we were true safariers now. We had come, seen, and conquored or so I thought.

To be continued.

Prayers for the people whose window opening did not go well.

Bye for now,


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