Thursday, April 16, 2015


In the old days, you bought tickets for rides in Disney. Best as I recall there were 5 categories. If you ran out there were kiosks scattered about the parks that allowed you to buy more. Calculating how much you needed was a major decision.

It is all different now. Not only do u pay one price and get unlimited attractions, but some fees allow you to go from park to park. One can stay from morning to night without any upticks.

In addition, if you stay at a Disney property you get a wrist band, which serves as room key, credit card at hotel and parks, entry to parks, fast pass proof, and even brushes your teeth. Well maybe not the latter, but surely coming soon.

Cruise ships are now doing the same and someday we will all wear bracelets or have chips embedded under the skin or our smart phones will be our agents in all matters. Perhaps all of the above.

I am not dissing this as much as applauding the efficiency of our lives and what is to come. When I can enter my room, a park, an attraction, buy a meal and a G&T all with the same wrist action, life is good—at least until someone hacks my wrist band.

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