Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Please know I have the utmost respect for police, except for those who do "bad cop" and forget about "good cop!"

On the front page of the SS Sunday it talked about the Police CHIEF of Miami Gardens, brought in to clean up the department, getting caught in a sting soliciting underage prostitutes...because he had a stressful week. Might want to run for Mayor of Washington DC when he gets out of jail. Good news he was fired on the spot. Next time try mindfulness meditation on a Friday nite or even a couple of beers, which is a smarter/safer move than a couple of teens.

Then there is the policeman who was in trouble before, who was now caught on video planted by police in a massage parlor in Boca getting a happy endings  massage. He is pleading his case, but that too, best as I know, is against the law.

Neither ending was very happy for them, or their wives or girlfriends or families.

We need cops who shine their badge every day for all the good ones whose services are invaluable, rather than tarnish it.  It's not been a good two weeks for the police. I thought the mounties are only in Canada!

Finally, what don't people, especially police, understand about the fact that there is no privacy anymore. Everyone is a video camera man or woman, and everywhere is a video waiting to capture the latest bad news.

Time, I think, to get a grip and face reality. There is no Santa or secrets anymore. OK maybe a Santa, but definitely no secrets.

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