Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This morning, before i left the house I couldn't find my smart phone. It has become an every few days occurrence.

However, this particular morning it was no where to be found. I was both puzzled and late.

"Oh shoot," I said to myself, "I must have left it outside in the backyard when i was reading in the sun yesterday." For those of you who live in the Northeast or Midwest there is still a sun in selective locations from time to time.

Sure enough, the phone was on the chair in the backyard, screen up. And last nite and this morning it rained heavily. From "time to time" was a key phrase in the last sentence.

In any event, I brought my soggy cell into the house, and wiped off the raindrops. And it worked. No problem at all. Amazing really. When you think of all that goes into a cell phone and that it can withstand a deluge of water, it is mighty impressive.

So if you call me and hear "glub, glub, glup, hang on a minute, and u will hear me loud, clear, and dry.

Bye for Now,

ps and please remind me to take my phone in from the rain... preferably before it rains.

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