Tuesday, January 6, 2015


that Stuart Scott passed from cancer on Sunday at age 49.

Stuart fought a heroic and valiant battle, even using martial arts a few days post chemo to potentate the results. He is in all three of my books as an inspiration for everyone in Cancerville.

But sometimes, as my grandma would say, all of that effort leads to "gournish helfin." Cancerville is one tough mountain to climb, and too often it pushes people—good people—off its steep cliff!

But Stuart was a strong climber and lived his life full to the very end. He was also a creative and entertaining sports journalist and will be missed by all.

Bernie Siegel, M.D, says "It's not about death as we will all die. It's about how we live our life despite the adversities."  No one exemplified that as well as Mr. Scott, a true hero in every sense of the word.


Bye for Now,


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