Saturday, December 27, 2014


regarding the movie "The Interview." Granted I am not a fan of sophomoric "fart busters" that appeal to a frat boy mentality. I have seen the coming attractions and reacted by saying UGH! even before the melee irrupted.

However, how did Sony executives approve such a disrespectful movie? North Korea is not our favorite country and Kim Jong-un not our favorite leader unless your name is the former Bull's basketball player turned political confident, mediator, and prize buffoon.

However, their culture and beliefs and ours are quite different. We mock our leaders serially as part of democracy and freedom of speech, all for a lol. For us this works. They, however, live in an aquarium of fear, always looking over their shoulders and obeying, if not sanctifying, their leaders. That is their way and that is what they have been taught and no movie, especially this one, will change that culture's ideology.

Who are we to not only mock him in a dumb and dumber movie, but also propose and promote his assassination by Americans? WTF?

Meanwhile, Sony who flipped flopped and probably fell under political pressure in this country will go from losing 100's of millions to making them as Americans now see it as their patriotic duty to see this lame flick, or at the very least buy the dvd.

So mark my words, we are not dealing with a rationale—suck it up—place and leadership. They will retaliate and we will suffer and innocent people will suffer and perhaps even be killed. if I were the stars I would be packing, and going into hiding, and I wouldn't be heading to Asia anytime soon.

Of course, I don't believe in censorship, but I do believe in sensibility and sensitivity. Neither of those words apply in this instance. As "fun"as it might be to take a serious swipe at dictators and dictatorship, we also need to be mindful of the consequences, and respectful of their cultures, foreign as they might be from ours.

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