Monday, December 1, 2014


One of which gives me hope and one of which gives me much angst.

I was shocked and disappointed to read that the policeman who turned back the clock to the 60's in Ferguson MO had no regrets about shooting Michael Brown. He did not think he did anything wrong and his conscience is clear. What conscience i wondered?

Officer Daren Wilson shot Brown at least 6 times. What about taser? What about one shot to the leg of this unarmed large young man? What about letting him walk in the gutter to begin with? What was this really about? And he is convinced he would have acted the same if the black Brown was white—right!

Good he resigned and if he has any sense (which doesn't appear to be the case) he will move to a very hot climate so he will spend the rest of his life symbolically burning in Hell.

And then there is Danny Haughton, a black man in Ft. Lauderdale. His office overlooks an empty lot, which is used to tow people's cars. Spotters are paid to report this to the tow company, while forwarding pics of the license plate. In the past 3 years in excess of 3000 tows from that lot have been made causing and costing much aggravation. Between May and mid-November 408 vehicles have been towed. This appears to be a great business for the tow company and the lot owner. Anyone hear of a chain or fence?

So what does Mr. Haughton do? Every time he sees someone park there he races from his 3rd floor office to warn the innocent victims. He does that up to a dozen times a day saving at least 50 unwitting drivers in the past month. He said, "Whoever I can save, if I see them, I do it.

A tale of two men—well maybe of just one real man and mensch. Hope is all we can hang on to in today's troubled world. Thank you Mr. Haughton for giving us some hope. Now let's hope you don't get shot racing from your office building. Whatever you do avoid the gutter!

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