Friday, December 5, 2014


I said it felt very much like the 60's during which the riots by African Americans consumed their own neighborhoods and looted their own neighbor's stores in a flurry and frenzy of outraged protest—justified feelings but unjustifiable behaviors.

Ferguson MO understandably, but unacceptably, copied that self-defeating, self-destructive script.

But the recent protests around the country sparked by Feguson and inflamed by NYC based upon a similar grand jury, less than grand verdict, are so far peaceful—marching along roadways to disrupt but not destroy. This is in the spirit of Gandhi and King and enables and encourages compassion rather than counterpoint contempt and outrage.

May it continue, and send the much needed message to others that peace, fairness, and the sanctity of human life for all, no matter the color of the person, are what this country is all about from its very beginnings.

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