Friday, October 17, 2014


we all know to duck. But what is one supposed to do when the fan hits the fan? Surely not duck out!

As I sat down to watch the Gubernatorial debate last night I heard an announcer say, "Mr. Scott will not join us on stage because Mr. Christ has a fan blowing beneath the podium." I thought perhaps I had one glass of wine too many! How could he blow off a debate because of a blow job—especially one that was concealed from view?

Really? A fan is a deal/debate breaker? Why I wondered? Who cares?

Turns out the rules said "no fans." But as long as both candidates had the right to use one why make an issue? So what seemed to come right out of kindergarten 101 was quickly tweeted as FANGATE. 

Then things passed and parsed further into immaturity. Scott said he didn't come out because Crist didn't come out. But Crist had come out a full 7 minutes before Scott. And maybe they should both come out as sincere fellows who have both made a shitfanfull of mistakes, the least of which is using a fan.

I'll vote for the first one who says something like that. Otherwise children playing dress up by dressing down the other are scary and not worthy of any office—with or without a fan.

Can't wait till next weeks debate. NO ice allowed in the water. NO using the bathroom at break. And the only fans you are allowed guys are those in the audience—although it gets more difficult to understand why they show up on time—but at least they do.

Sometimes politics seem like a FAN tasy!

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