Tuesday, October 14, 2014


about the evolution of toll booths. Once upon a time there were toll collectors—real people who gave change.

Then there were tickets that eliminated some booths that enabled you to pay a collector at the end of your journey.

Then there were some places where if u had the right change u just threw it into a large mouth-like bin.

Then there was the game changing sun pass—first a clunky smitzek and then a stick on one. That still allowed for a few toll collectors for those who didn't have a smitzek.

Now we have the ultimate in both efficiency and putting people out of work—the square halo-like overhead device. You drive under it without slowing down and if u have a shmitzek it silently records your toll. If you don't it sends a bill to the address associated with your license plate, with an uptick charge for not having a shmizek. Bye bye Ms. American Pie and toll collectors.

Coming soon ATM's replacing bank tellers. Robots replacing POed Postal Clerks. Robots driving cars and making hamburgers.

It is a while new world order as robots replace people. While it is tempting to decry depersonalization, it is not like we had lengthy social interactions with toll collectors. Life continues to become more efficient and then again there is always fbook, twitter, instagram, and the like for our social interactions.

May the Gds of technology help us all. Lord knows we need them.

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