Monday, October 6, 2014


I meet a rare and special person. Such was the case last week at the salon i get my hair cut—Rock Paper Scissors—in Plantation. This is a place of high talent, warm welcomes, and the Chardonnay is always chilled.

The young woman I met was unique because she is always happy, upbeat, and positive. There is narry a negative nerve in her being. Though she had had her fair share of what I call cess, her emotional "broom" sweeps it away easily and efficiently. Some people are just born that way. Others achieve it with work and perspective. I don't know which applies to her, but she acknowledges her Mom was always a strong cheer leader as she was growing up.

Though she admits to having bad moments, she never has bad days—not even bad hair days given she works in a salon. She goes to sleep happy and at peace, while expecting good things to come the next day.

And get this—her passion is inspiring and cheering up other people—which she does daily and especially when she travels with friends to Central America. She and I share separate special memories of Peace Lodge in Costa Rica.

It is always nice to meet a young person who is so optimistically programmed and happy, who spreads those good vibes around wherever she goes. In fact, if you look closely you can see that her aura glows with positive energies.

In just a brief chat she inspired me to keep on inspiring others in a "what goes around comes around" way. I have known that lesson for many years, and am so impressed this woman has learned it at such a young age.

Keep the faith and do unto others what you would have others do unto you. Admittedly trite but no less true.

And call RPS for an appointment as you just might just have the good fortune to speak to her.

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