Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I am an easy going guy. However, I do have my limits. Julia Pierson needs to resign or be fired. She is the head of the Secret Service. The least kept secret is that they are no longer of service.

The latest was an intruder making it into the East Room of the White House. I don't know about you but my front door is locked day and night. Apparently theirs is NOT!

Blunder after blunder suggests not just a breach of security but a breach of confidence. Once upon a time the SS were the elite force of protection. Now they seem to be the elite force of prostitution and the like. Crew cuts and shades aside, that group needs a massive makeover, which includes a new chief.

She has failed, not only to protect the President and his family, but in being honest, transparent, and accepting of responsibility. And the guy had a history of hysteria in and about the White House. Scary, sad, and unacceptable.

Julia, please lock the door when you leave!

Bye for Now,


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