Monday, September 29, 2014


rather than ones that cause us to perspire. Finally found one that ranks up there as a Bernie Siegel, M.D. miracle. Here is the short version:

A family was vacationing in July at a cozy beach in Michigan City, Ind. Two father's each with their young sons set off to hike Mount Baldy—an enormous 100-acre sand dune. Nathan, a six-year-old, fell into a hole and disappeared as the surrounding sand collapsed around him.

Firefighters and rescue crews dug carefully and furiously for four hours until they found him 11 feet under the sand. Nathan's body was limp and his skin cold. His eyes were glazed and he had no pulse. It was understandably assumed he had died. Then on the way to the ambulance he slowly came back to life, as if he was in a highly Hollywoodized movie. Even more amazingly, he escaped the ordeal without brain damage or emotional trauma.

The firefighter who pulled Nathan out of the hole said, "Every single card had to fall into place that day, and the fact that they did is a true miracle." Of course, Bernie would say "See Bill, I told you so!"

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