Wednesday, September 3, 2014


who are avid followers of this blog know—all three of you now that my mom is gone—one of my favorite statements is "There are no coincidences in life, just endless opportunities and possibilities."

That said, it is no wonder that when I walked into B& N with my granddaughter the other day the book, "That's Funny, You Don't Look Buddhist." jumped into my hands immediately. It is written by a Jewish woman trying to blend the two. As a book it is okay—nothing I would encourage you to run out and buy although it was on sale.

However, it reminded me that the third Noble Truth of Buddhism is that we can not look to externals to help us deal with the first Noble Truth, which in a nut shell says, "Life sucks and then you die!" I don't personally believe that as I find life to be wonderful until it sucks and then can be wonderful again before we die. Perseverance prevails!

However, the answer to the riddle of the quote, "What you have is all you need" is clearly about going inside instead of looking outside. The unfortunate truth is we have become a culture of outsiders—seeking solace in material rather than spiritual comfort.

Once again I encourage you to seek a balance because the more you look inward, the less you will need the outward trappings of the presumably "good life." The more what you have will be all you need.

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