Saturday, August 2, 2014


But I was in NYC.

I am so impressed with what former Mayor Bloomberg did to create a suburban feel to the very urban landscape. His goal was to design spaces of comfort and calm for city dwellers and visitors. I read that he sent staff all over the world to get ideas from other large cities. And that they did.

Within less than a square mile of our daughter's Chelsea digs there must be at least 6 parks. Two have summer music programs for kids. One has a beautiful carousel on the Hudson with green grass everywhere.

They also built the high line from an abandoned rail station on 10th Avenue that stretches some 20+ blocks, which makes for a lovely, albeit crowded walking space filled with interesting plants and shrubs. High rises are going up that overlook the high line so he stimulated the economy while he stimulated our senses. Brilliant really. Further north on the Hudson they build a park space over the river. And of course there is central park, more resplendent and majestic than ever.

Then there are the cafe-esque sit abouts, seemingly in the middle of heavily trafficked areas, but totally safe. All that is missing is a mustached Parisian waiter in a black apron serving cappuccinos and glasses of wine.

Bravo to Bloomberg who has left his signature carved into the Big Apple. He not only knows how to make money, but also to make pretty special spaces amid a vast metropolis of people, cars, and congestion. And, my sense is he was an excellent Mayor for 12 years, now devoted to doing good around the world by improving health care.

It is always lovely to find a really good person and politician among the scoundrels that so disappoint us.

I, for one, hope his "pride bank" is as full, if not fuller, than his piggy bank.

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