Friday, August 29, 2014


Obvious, if taken literally, the statement What You Have is All You Need is not a “one size fits all” embraceable mantra. One might need more money, a life partner, better health, friends, a job, or all of the above. One might need peace of mind, comfort, relaxation, freedom from depression, sobriety, etc. The anxiously depressed, lonely, addict needs a lot more than s/he has!!

Clearly, this statement is not about those kinds of needs. So what else might it be addressing? In one sense, I believe it is focusing on self-related issues. I think it is saying that we can rely on our selves to get what we need; that we possess the qualities and abilities to achieve our goals and fulfill our needs—from basic to complex. It reassures us that we are not dependent on other people or forces to “lean in” and bring our game on.

But what if we can’t or at least don’t feel as if we can? Then we need help to overcome that which inhibits our accomplishment. Or we need to talk ourselves into stronger spaces of self-actualization. That we may need to draw from both sources of inspiration, however, means that what we might have now is not all we need now.

Let’s keep thinking about this simple but complicated statement.

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