Friday, August 15, 2014


Did you ever wonder why the people facebook says you might know are not known to you? I mean like it gets you thinking. Where do i know them from? Is my mind/memory slipping? They look vaguely familiar, but i don't know them and frankly don't want to.

Oh, the algorithms of agony and angst, and the algoryrithims of de feet and pseudo friendship!!

So, if you think u know me the odds are you don't. Let's keep it that way. The last friends I need are the one's I don't know! If you don't believe me check out the wikipedia definition of a friend. Make sure you get the correct one, not a pseudo one that is untrue.

The world has gotten oh so complicated and so so  impersonal. Or should I say soooo to make the point. Very confusing times i must say.

Bye for Now,


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