Sunday, July 13, 2014


the other day I passed the playground where all the children were running wild while their parents were busy texting or talking on their cell phones. Sometimes smart phones are not so and we people are not so as well.

Back in the day we watched our kids not our screens, and we talked to our kids not our "framily" and we weren't so addicted to immediate communications. Most of the time it is not so important—SO IMPORTANT!!

My golly, there were many days when i left the house in the am and didn't see or speak to my beloved till the pm and you know what it was just fine. And our fights, few as they were, didn't take place over texting battles, but were face to face and we were able to resolve the issue on our time not on work time. And, believe it or not sexting was not a word.

I fear we have become addicted to instantcy, when in fact life is a process that often takes a while. What worries me is that ....well you fill in the rest.... #insanity, #stress, #whatever that means.

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