Saturday, July 12, 2014


but it seemed a little much with all that is going on in the world that is scary, turbulent, and horrific that the headline on the first page of the SS that took up 3/4 of the page was LeGone with a pic of Lebron James from the back.

I admire his ability and athleticism BUT in the scheme of things life, death, and otherwise—eh! The fans that booed his departure in 2010 will welcome him back to Cleveland with cheers. Such is the fickle finger of heroism, in a world when trying to find one is quite a challenge unless one looks to doctors, educators, scientists, and the like who are underrated and under the radar.

Similarly, today's sports section headline screams in large bold letters, "END OF AN ERA." Why do i really care. This is as silly as the tears shed in Brazil when Germany kicked their butts! It's a game folks, that is all it is. Only a game.

And while we are at it why is Bosh, whose play, even for a non fan like me, seems mediocre and inconsistent, deserve $118 mill over 5 years? In general, sports seems to have lost its way,with teams and athletes  becoming big businesses for the rich and famous.

It's time for fans to boycott arenas instead of overpaying for hot dogs and beer, face paint and all. Never gonna happen. We love our home teams, but if our home team members loved us, they wouldn't be so quickly LEGONE!

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