Friday, July 4, 2014


to inspiring marching music to put us all in the July 4th spirit I gaze out the window at an unrelenting gray sky filled with rain drops and devoid of sun. It makes me think of the Yiddish statement that translates as "Men plan and God laughs." I guess the updated version needs to be "Women and men plan and God still laughs at them both."

Of course I am referring to all the communities local and far away that planned wonderful celebrations and fireworks to commemorate today only to be rained out.

That said, our true spirit is where our hearts reside, so let us pay tribute to our unique and inspiring heritage rain or shine. As we peruse the history of our great nation we have much to be proud of and much to improve. Let us keep doing the latter while allowing the  bright lights of our accomplishments, individually and communally, to shine proudly upon us—even in the rain! As those words were typed a bright bolt of lightening reaffirmed them.

Stay safe, dry and proud of yourself as well as our great nation.

Bye for now,


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